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Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format

June 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Today a corporation send me an email that had a really weird attachment.

The attachment’s name was winmail.dat (it can be named also as win.dat) and the weird part was that I couldn’t open it.

So, I started searching for this type of file and I found out that this was something common. It was actually a proprietary E-mail attachment format, used by Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server named Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format, for information packaging. I hadn’t ever came across with it because me and most of my friends and colleagues are using programs with more open formats…

There are programs that can decode those files and hopefully for me, for my Thunderbird, there was the LookOut extension. I must say that many of the mail clients make this decoding by default.

So why am I telling this story?
Because I just can’t understand, which is the potential profit from something like that… I am sure that something will be there… Am I? Nowadays?!

Anyway, for all of you that are using Outlook, you can overpass this encoding when you are sending mails with attachments, by sending them in plain text instead of rich text format.

If you have time and you are not bored, check this out.

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