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Introduction to Mercurial (in Greek)

October 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I have written a tutorial (in Greek) for the about the Mercurial, which is a version control system, that can help you to work in your code and documents. Actually it helps you to get releases of your work easily and merge it with other patches! It is also a very good way to be more productive and to work faster with your colleagues. There is no developer, who doesn’t use a version control system in his work. In my opinion, Mercurial is one of the best options and that’s because it offers you, a de-centralized solution!

In this tutorial you will find:

  1. Repository Creation
  2. Add/Delete/Rename files at the Repository
  3. Commit to Repository
  4. Cloning
  5. Desultoriness between the releases
  6. Multiple repositories in order to administrate projects in which many developers may work. Issues like pull, push and merge
  7. A little about Diffs – Patches
  8. And many other introductory subjects

For more, and if you know Greek, look at the tutorial and the presentations.